Disclosure, it had been an awful long time since I've had a client the needed to relay so this may have changed and I just did not know about it....

Anyway, enough of my lame excuses. A client had a Domino server on a different network than the users. Domino was on 172.x and the users were on 10.x. All Domino bound traffic was sent through a router to get to Domino. They have some users who needed IMAP access. "No problem", said I. Doh!

It used to be in Domino that you enabled mail relaying, you simply made sure that "Allow relaying for authenticated users" was enabled, and viola, the user could then relay email via Domino. Well, somewhere along the line, this changed. It didn't matter what we set the configuration document to, relaying didn't work. Nada.

After looking at the STS servers and then the client server the only difference was that we used Internet Documents and the client did not. Well, upon further investigation, it appears a non-Internet Document SMTP installation (i.e. the default Domino install) authentication for SMTP is disabled by default. Note this is in the ports section of the server document:

Image:Mail relaying in Domino not working?

However, on an Internet Site SMTP document the authentication for SMTP is enabled by default:

Image:Mail relaying in Domino not working?

Once I figured this out and set the port in the server document it worked as advertized. Yeh!

Why this is different depending upon your configuration is beyond me. It is these type of inconsistencies that drive me insane.
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