July 12 2008 Saturday

Postini with Domino

How does spam protection for $3 per user per year sound? Yes $3. Well with the recent sale of Postini to Google, Google have significantly reduced the price. See the Postini site and look right at the bottom for Inbound filtering only. Oh, it also does virus scanning too.

Now for the obvious-but-always-missed section. Make sure that:

a) You allow only the Postini sites deliver mail to your Domino server (see this link at DominoPower for detailed instructions.


b) Inside of the Postini system administration center, under the Email Config area, Organization Settings, General Settings, ensure that Non-Account Bouncing is set to On:

Image:Postini with Domino

If you do not do item b), then Postini will simply forward all email it does not have user records to the Domino server. So if my Postini set email address is test.user@mydomain.net and the above setting is off, some clever spam-meister will try to send spam to tuser@mydomain.net, then Postini will send it through as it didn't have a match. Domino, being a it too clever for it's own good will then deliver the email to poor Test User.

FYI, I do not sell Google or Postini, this was a customers decision. Internally to STS we use Symantec's SMSDOM line of products.
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