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Darren Duke   |   August 22 2016 09:21:46 AM   |    mwlug  presentations  domino  security  ssl    |  
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1 - Don       08/22/2016 10:38:28 AM

Thanks for sharing!

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2 - Rainer       08/22/2016 1:51:38 PM

Hi Darren, great tips inside your presentation !!!

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3 - Richard Moy    http://dominointerface.com    08/22/2016 3:17:55 PM

Did you get demoted again? The only session I was able to attend. Thanks and I love your chart

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4 - Darren Duke    https://blog.darrenduke.net    08/22/2016 3:24:03 PM

@All, thanks.

@3, the "chart" has been removed from this version....I'm sure someone has a photo of it somewhere on the internet though.

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5 - Don Mottolo       08/22/2016 4:01:27 PM

I was at MWLUG, but didn't get to your session. So, thanks for posting it (just went through it and caught a few important things I didn't know). - Don (yes, looks like you have 2 fans named Don)

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6 - Stephen Bailey    https://sdfbailey.blogspot.com    08/23/2016 8:10:23 AM

Hi Darren,

This is brilliant, thanks for sharing so much useful information so clearly.

I'm not totally convinced by your comment in slide 27. I'd prefer something was still scanning my NSFs for virus files and quaranting malicious data, rather than just trusting the client's system scanner to quarantine the file when it's run.

We used to use Sophos Puremessage for that, but of course they didn't develop a Domino 9 release. We feel that we've lost a secondary gatekeeper for virus emails due to this issue. Of course, it's great advice to use the best Secure Email Gateway service you can find / afford to ensure that you are send and receiving clean email, but of course you never know what gremlins lurk inside the existing Domino apps and mailboxes.

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7 - Darren Duke    https://blog.darrenduke.net    08/24/2016 10:27:37 AM

@6, let me clarify (bearing in mind, security is like religion or politics), I meant do not scan the server side NSF's with the OS virus scanner. They have a habit of quarantining the entire NSF (10GB of it) and will implode your I/O while scanning (but DAOS does help with this). By all means run an AV scanner inside Domino (Symantec Antivirus for Domino springs to mind, and Trend used to have one). Again, whatever lets you sleep at night.