May 5 2010 Wednesday

Quickr Domino Fix Pack 11 released

I think IBM have switch to bi-monthly by the look of the release cycles and the number of fixs. We'll see.

Anyway, as usual get it from IBM Fix Central.

Fixes contained:
04/27/2010 CSTS83VTHS When using qptool execute to load an xml file to add LDAP users to a place, add fails if the user’s DN contains slashes.
04/27/2010 ESEO84GHHH If the Welcome page of your place contains multiple attachments, those attachments are not seen through Connectors.
04/27/2010 DJOE84PFTR Using the Sametime Discussion feature may not display all users if that place has a lot of members.  
(see fix DJOE84PFTR in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
04/27/2010 MPUL7MFMQD The customizable Footer message configurable in the qpconfig.xml should allow more than 255 characters (size increased to 2047 characters).
04/27/2010 DAMY823MCW Quickr EMM gives no warning when LDAP server group reaches the 32k limit.
(see fix  DAMY823MCW  in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
04/27/2010 PNOT84GH7S When sending notifications, some encoded characters are not getting translated correctly in the mail body.
04/20/2010 GALI83LL7G Using a theme that supports expandable folders in the table of contents does not sort according to the selected sort order from the folder options.
(see fix  GALI83LL7G in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
04/20/2010 RTIN83LGYB In My Places, under certain circumstances, the First and Previous links are not disabled even though you are on the first page.
04/20/2010 CSTS848S2W Modifying a placebot’s schedule gives an error "Application Exception - Couldn't find design note".
04/20/2010 ESEO849MNR Changing a field’s name on a custom form causes data contained in that field to not be displayed.
04/20/2010 ESEO7XMKW6 Additional fix to ESEO7XMKW6, with notes.ini setting h_ServletDownloadForceSSL=1, the port from the servlet could be incorrect causing a download to take extra time waiting for the connect request to time out.
04/09/2010 PNOT84BW5A When selecting multiple users to add to a local group, only the last user selected is added .
04/07/2010 ESEO842QYC Privileged users not recognized for XSS uploading rights by filetype.
04/07/2010 No SPR Java Stack Traces are appearing in the Domino Console when accessing Quickr.
04/02/2010 DAMC83E23R Business Card does not display next to Log Out in top right-hand corner on "My Places" page.
04/02/2010 CSTS83ZL7D In certain circumstances, you may be prompted for authentication when accessing documents in a room via connectors when that room is using [all Members] to enable security.
04/02/2010 JRIE7JDGDJ From the Explorer Connector, when moving a room into another room, an error “You may not have access to the content you are trying to reach” is produced.
03/30/2010 DAMY82JE2J “qptool AddMember -owner” does not always add an owner member.
03/30/2010 BTLW83CNNW A DN that contains a \ followed by a comma is not interpreted correctly.
03/30/2010 CLOH83DG46 When using the notify function when you are using TAM Junction, you may get a HTTP 404 error.
03/30/2010 DAMY83CNNL When uploading a file via the Java Applet, the created by name uses the CN instead of the Display Name.
03/30/2010 TKOA837AB7 Moving a folder in Connectors which includes DBCS characters causes that folder to become inaccessible.
03/30/2010 RALF83MUYH When a room name contains an Ampersand (&), the bread crumb trail shows the room name twice.
03/30/2010 DJOE83CDXR When creating wikipages, the page title is displaying too small and there is no way to change this size
03/30/2010 GALI83DKW7 New Local Member notification e-mail does not contain the assigned password.
03/30/2010 DAMY82REWN Cannot Add or Edit fields In custom forms In Places with many users.
03/30/2010 DAMY82ZMXN When pressing the “Next” button In “My Places” to show the next page of places, the next page starts with the last place from the previous page.
03/30/2010 TSNG83LAJ3 Active Directory user who has a comma in their DN does not get listed in “Room Notify”.
03/30/2010 TJOR83VTJR Events have an incorrect Start Time When created by a user in a time zone different than the Quickr server.
03/23/2010 RALF82ZR6S Inserting an IFRAME tag in the Rich Text Editor’s HTML view to open a different website in that IFRAME, when the post is viewed it shows an empty IFRAME.
03/23/2010 DANE7ZPP7H Document Author’s name changes erroneously if Editor operation fails.
03/23/2010 MMOI83859A When creating a New Response with History in the Discussion folder and Check In with Options, the response is posted to the Index instead of the Discussion folder.
03/23/2010 ESEO7YMS2X Notifications in rooms not set to users whose name has an apostrophe in it.
03/23/2010 GBAT7QGD7P Notification issues when special characters such as & are used in the subject or body.
03/23/2010 DAMY83KKLN Error checking in a Word document which is saved as a DOCX.
03/10/2010 BSDL82U7NR Sorting content via the Quickr REST API sorts with case sensitivity.  It should be case insensitive
03/09/2010 JRIE82BEBL In Connectors, when opening a document without checking out, any change made to that document is saved back to the Quickr server.
03/09/2010 XZSU7XG936 You will receive an Error 4000 when deleting a Blog entry with a comment.
03/09/2010 HMON7YKSMP Folders created via Connectors are created on the Quickr server with hidden columns, which makes some REST API calls impossible to read the view contents.
03/09/2010 ESEO82WNAS The Domino server console may hang  when looking up users in Admin->Security UI
03/09/2010 TJOR832PPW Ampersands and apostrophes do not display properly in room or document titles when using the "Quickplace Classic 1.0" theme In Quickr 8.2
03/09/2010 TSNG7S6BT7 When using Quickr is configured to use Domino Domain Indexer, when you remove a place via qptool, the files do not get removed when qptool remove -cleanup is run as a nightly process.
03/09/2010 BTLW82G9XA Subroom still shows in a room’s table of contents after the manager revokes themselves from the subroom.
03/09/2010 ESEO7XMKW6
Under certain circumstances when going through a proxy, the download file servlet tries to download via http instead of https.  If you get a 404 error when downloading a file from the Library folder, enable this fix.
(see fix ESEO7XMKW6 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

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1 - Rob Novak    05/05/2010 11:16:16 AM

Maybe four.

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2 - Gordon Bentley       08/18/2010 8:40:59 PM

Where do I find the document referred to in the Fix List as "Additional Information for special fixes”? Several of the fixes I'm interested refer to this.



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3 - Darren Duke    08/19/2010 1:09:22 AM

It is in the Word doc that accompanies the fix pack. It is available on the same download page in Fix Central as the FP. For FP 15 it starts on page 7. For your specific fix I think this is what you are looking for:

DAMC7AEGQU - In connectors, if “Show Views” is selected on a place, checked out and draft documents in subrooms are not shown, only those documents in the main room are shown.

Please see new section in qpconfig_sample.xml, be sure to read about this fix in the description above the webservices section: