That's right, FP8 is now available in English over on Fix Central.

Fixes included in FP8:

Quickr Domino Release 8.1 Fix List
03/05/2009 PNOT7DZQCG In Accessibility Mode, changes to color schemes are not retained.
03/05/2009 MPUL7P7LCF Qptool upgrade -f In A Cluster Results in Replication Conflicts For Wiki, Blog & Entry PlaceTypes.
03/05/2009 SSHD7P7HG8 Need option to hide Files link UI for customers who don't support shared files (Quickr Entry places)
03/04/2009 JHHO7PRBKQ Dragging a virtual folder from connectors onto desktop results in a random number of oddly named files.
03/04/2009 YXIO7NJEF4 Wiki page does not show the update history.
03/04/2009 KABS7MEK5A Need to support multiple Notes users with the same common name but different domains
03/04/2009 CSTS7P8TCY Using a bulleted list within a Blog post does not result in the correct indentation of  wrapped text.
03/04/2009 RTIN7NRHLY Downloading files with a comma in it’s file name cause the file not to download
03/04/2009 GMUN7L5J6M Entry places transmit  over http instead of https when using WebSeal.
03/04/2009 CSTS7PJV2R Javascript error  “_qp_openVersionList is not defined” when using 8.0 (with classic navigation) theme
03/04/2009 WBSI7HF5SX Documents created in a parent PlaceType are not replicated to their child places.
03/04/2009 DAMC7PEFL5 Child places only accept changes from a parent place one time when performing basic refresh.
03/04/2009 GAKI7P5EFX
Headline folder’s tabs overwrite other parts of the page if there is more than 1 row of tabs.
03/04/2009 ESEO7P4NGL When notifying, email will not be sent out if only the BCC field is filled out.

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