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As you read elsewhere IBM have finally addressed POODLE and TLS 1.0 are now available for for these releases on all platforms, 9.0.1 FP2, 9.0, 8.5.3 FP6, 8.5.2 FP4 and 8.5.1 FP5

Now just implementing these fixes may not completely protect you, (thinking BEAST attack here) unless you also disable both AES ciphers in Domino. Basically these are the two ciphers you want enabled:

Image:The Domino fixes for POODLE and TLS, you may not be done yet

It's worth pointing out that with the TLS1.0 fix IBM also addressed a long time pet peeve of mine, low quality ciphers:

Removed support:
  • SSLv2
  • SSL renegotiation has been disabled
  • All weak (<128 bits) cipher suites have been disabled

A good move but you still should really disable 128bit AES ciphers too. Indeed if you have 40 or 56 bit ciphers enabled then the Domino console throws this out:

Image:The Domino fixes for POODLE and TLS, you may not be done yet

If you *do* need to enable these low quality ones then you are doing something really, really wrong.

Disable the AES ones and you may just end up with a "B" grade at
https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/index.html (the server below was also upgraded to SHA2)

Image:The Domino fixes for POODLE and TLS, you may not be done yet

If you want an "A" use my
proxy server as Apache does support TLS1.2.

Now, IBM, you have brought us into 1999 with TLS 1.0, when do we get to the heady heights of 2008 and TLS 1.2? All kidding aside IBM have shown here that they can *still* do amazingly good work in a pretty short period of time. Once the SHTF it took less than 90 days for this to be addressed. Hopefully this is the shape of things to come and this sense of urgency for security will remain and not be left on the shelf until the next end-of-the-world-security-failure scenario.

I won't hold my breath for TLS 1.2 support, but I will cross my fingers.
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1 - Yuhong Bao    http://yuhongbao.blogspot.com    11/06/2014 12:15:43 AM

I don't think disabling AES is a good idea. Most modern clients have BEAST record splitting workarounds, and IE11 tries to connect without RC4 by default.

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2 - Darren Duke       11/06/2014 6:23:29 AM

You are not wrong about "modern clients", but with IE 8 (yes EIGHT!) being the 2nd most popular browser (currently 17% market share at http://www.netmarketshare.com/browser-market-share.aspx?qprid=2&qpcustomd=0) I would suggest that un-modern clients are still far too prevalent.

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3 - Darren Duke       11/06/2014 6:32:33 AM

I should expand a bit on the IE8 jab above.....There is a BEAST fix for IE8 so fully patched systems will be secure (https://technet.microsoft.com/library/security/ms12-006) but..... we all know how that goes.

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4 - Yuhong Bao    http://yuhongbao.blogspot.com    11/15/2014 3:16:39 AM

This is not an IE fix, this is a Windows SChannel fix.