Stuart, myself and Jesse Gallagher join for the weekly bi-annual podcast for one last time....listen to it here:

There is also an exciting announcement at the end.....
Darren Duke   |   September 6 2016 08:15:54 AM   |    twil  ibm  mwlug  domino    |  
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1 - Richard Moy    09/06/2016 2:42:56 PM

I hope it is not the end

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2 - Peter Presnell    09/06/2016 2:48:34 PM

Listen guys... you have no idea how busy my days already are without you lot coming along and adding another 90 minutes of compulsory listening!

Seriously though, it was great to have you back on the airwaves. Great, thorough analysis of MWLUG. The addition of Jesse to the team is an awesome plus. I will stay tuned (and duck) when your new show hits the airwaves.

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3 - Ray Bilyk    09/09/2016 9:55:18 AM

Happy trails, TWIL! Long Live <SPOILER - Listen to the podcast>!