Hawthrorn 2.0, AKA IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook, AKA IMSMO has recently been released. One of the main install differences between GA (2.0) and LA (1.0) code is that GA requires use of IBM DB2 as a state store for the IMSMO Domino server (whereas 1.0 had no such requirement).

Most organizations can count on the fingers of no hands how may DB2 servers they have, so you'd expect IBM to support MS SQL server right? You'd be wrong. You along with me are a moron, and no one's ever asked for that.

Except now I have. And I have a SPR  to prove it. IBM uses SPR's to weigh the decision to add a requested feature to a product, so the more organizations that pile on, the bigger the chance IBM will provide this..

If you want this added to IMSMO then you can call IBM support (or using the website) and request that your organization be added to the SPR by referencing SPR RCGOAD5LHQ (APAR LO90041).
Darren Duke   |   August 29 2016 12:46:34 PM   |    domino  hawthorn    |  
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1 - Hogne B. Pettersen    http://domino.elfworld.org    08/30/2016 7:56:15 AM

Seriously? Now, we have a DB2 server in our company. But the people responsible for it are doing their best to get rid of it. If I gave them this news, they would not only kill the messenger. They would have to bury me in three different coffins after relaying this news. Guess we'll get Outlook in our company the day we, like everyone else, move to Exchange.

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2 - Craig Wiseman    https://www.Wiseman.La/cpw    08/30/2016 3:41:00 PM

Sometimes it feels like IBM has a design committee to develop the most complicated way to do something.

Then before final release things have to go through the "screw it up" committee, to add that last little bit of "WTF? surprise".

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3 - Sam Bridegroom       09/01/2016 3:51:33 PM

What Craig said. Seems they're sure doing their damnedest to chase people to other platforms. I guess that's one way to sunset a solution.