Firefox, started 27, ended 34

Chrome started 32, ended 39

IE....11 and 11

IBM finally realized the 2015 plan was imploding. Except they "realized" this in 2014, so the immense damage of the plan has already been done. Oh, and I doubt they will stop the culling.

Talking of Oh, how I used to use thee as a unique selling point. Now? I routinely have 14+ day periods when the assignee of the PMR doesn't respond to multiple emails. At first I thought this was just isn't.

POODLE! The *secure* internet broke. Now, anyone who watches 24 will know that Chloe O'Brian could get by any encryption scheme with little more than an abacus and calculator, but low-and-behold, now so can the entire world.

Speaking of IBM, they fixed (or enhanced?) Domino!! The finally implemented TLS albeit giving us the 1999 version (TLS1.0). Way to phone it in IBM. Still IBM did show that then can actually achieve impressive feats in a relatively small period of time. I'm sure the people who achieved this are soon to be moved to positions where they can do less good.

We were told Quickr was getting Office 2013 and Domino 9 support. I'm really beginning to doubt this. Vendors seemingly live to tell customer one thing, do another, and never inform them of the (not in the customers best interest) switch. It's shameful at times.

I can still count on the fingers of no hands how many CCM implementations I've seen.

This year there were 96 IBM ICS Champions. Up from 76 this time last year. I'm still batting a 1000 for non-selection, and I'm quite proud of that. The selection process is about as transparent as IBM sales figures. There does seem to be far fewer "WTF" moments when reading the list this year, so kudos to the selection committee for putting forth less politically motivated selections.

I wrote a (now infamous) blog post about Mail.Next. There was a lot of consternation from the "powers-that-be" inside of IBM about being called a "vindictive arsehole" and much less about the point of the post. I did say IBM fixed TLS right? Oh, and I was threatened with revocation of my Champion status (see above) can't make this shit up.

Speaking of Mail.Next, it got a name....IBM Verse! Get it? Me neither. Based on the a fore mentioned blog post, it has been said I'm ad-Verse.  

In an effort to market Mail.Next, or maybe create something "viral" many IBMers blacked out their eyes on their social media avatars. To me it just looked like they mistakenly used their Adult Friend Finder picture by accident. Still, you can get plenty of viral stuff from Adult Friend Finder so I can see the allure.

Connect, I don't even recall going. Either that's a bad sign for me or the conference. Or both.  

Speaking of not-Lotusphere, in order to fix all the shortcomings with Connect IBM did what IBM do in moments of crisis, they renamed it. To "ConnectED". Get it? Yeah, neither did I. The only way to Google this for the longest time was to Google "Connect 2014". Given the extreme lack of information even this close to the event, one can assume that the next rename will the "Dis-ConnectED". In reality I would be shocked if ConnectED 2015 lasted to ConnectED 2016, both in name and in conference location.

Lenovo purchased IBM's Intel Server division. Just after IBM pushed hard into the cloud and bough Softlayer. Luckily for IBM neither of those things require lots and lots of servers.

Speaking of cloud, the race to the bottom continues....cheaper storage wars are ongoing between Microsoft, Amazon and Google. Soon they may well be paying us to used their stuff!

Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus. Most likely as an answer to cries for a bigger iPhone. I would suspect that they are the most returned device that Apple has had, but that just makes Apple right, so they'll quite happily eat the cost.

Oracle continue to be the most vilified IT vendor in the galaxy. Not due to how many servers Oracle requires, but due to *still* incorporating the toolbar and home page in the Java desktop installs.

I'm kind of starting to miss This Week In Lotus. That only took a few years! There has been a lot of fodder that we could have munched on lately, so maybe that is all it is.

Technologies that made 2014 included ASUS 28" LED monitors, ACS smart cards and Veeam 8.

Technologies I thought would make 2014....Hawthorn.
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1 - Elijah Lapson       12/10/2014 3:16:51 PM

Very entertaining! Although a bit sad because its true.

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2 - Craig Wiseman    12/10/2014 3:25:58 PM

Hmmm. I'll mention anything I disagree with here:

Next up, Veeam 8 - are you doing any WAN replication with it? Better than 7 (which is quite good)?

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3 - Darren Duke       12/10/2014 4:07:24 PM

@2, Veeam 8 adds backup I/O control (throttles based on storage latency) and incremental SQL backups. Both are very, very nice additions.

I should have also added TeamViewer to that list. Love it. Great piece of software.

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4 - Craig Wiseman    12/10/2014 5:32:40 PM

The I/O throttling looks useful... because Veeam (and any backup software) has the ability to suck the performance out of your disks as it tries to backup/replicate.

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5 - Klaus    12/11/2014 7:13:27 AM

Entertaining as every year, thank you Darren, you are my personal Champion ;-)

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6 - Just a random internet guy...       12/16/2014 5:56:37 PM

Thanks for the wrap up. As a former dev who worked closely with Domino devs for a long time, TWIL was one of a few touchstones for me; it was a good way to view events from afar (warts and all).

Ch-ch-changes and all.

(Also, do you know why all your comment links for the last few posts on the front page are showing 0, even though people have posted?)

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7 - Darren Duke       12/29/2014 7:05:06 AM

@6, I had to move servers in a hurry and I suspect that's cause the comment count issues. I'll eventually get it fixed....cobblers children springs to mind ;)