As I mentioned in a few posts recently (here and here (new features in 8.5.1) IBM has released the Domino Designer to all users for free.

At the time, IBM had not yet published the page. Well now they have and the page even makes mention of JSF that is the back-bone of the new XPages technology. FYI, JSF is the Java equivalent of Microsoft's ASP.NET (or vice versa).

Go here to download the Domino Designer (it is quite large, it is an IDE after all). You will need to create an IBM ID if you do not have one, and registration for one is free. There are also links to a couple of XPages tutorials from Chris Toohey.

Once you whet your appetite you may also want to check out the following (in no particular order):
Why are you still reading? Go get it. Go play with. Go liberate your user population with it. As I've said before, Super.Human.Software is back, go dust off you cape!.

Image:Where to get the FREE Domino Designer and a few XPages resources
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1 - David Leedy    10/13/2009 2:39:16 PM

A couple of other sources.. is great. has some good demos and articles.

Also for digging into code take a good look at xTalk on openNTF and TaskJam from Elguji. Both are good examples of decent looking XPage applications.

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2 - Darren Duke    10/14/2009 4:45:48 AM

@2, yes both good ones which should have been on the list (my bad). John's Survey XPages app from his LS09 session is excellent example of an application that would have been almost impossible were it not for XPages.